• Björnar Berg

Stay home

So the season of 2020 was here. Yes, you read that correct. "Was" here. Don't mistake me for bad grammar or claiming the season to be over yet. No, that's far from true. But recent events with the corona virus and regulations from the government has put a short stop on us fishermen. Well, you can still get out and fish, but keep in mind the 1 meter distance to each other, and also no grouping of more than five people. But to me, this just doesn't feel the same. I mean, I want to go out and I also NEED to go out. But, my mind keeps reminding me what is important these days. Health vs. ego. Yeah, you heard me right. 'Cause that's perhaps the issue here. I see a lot of people going on about their own business, and run to their fishing spots and group up like if there was no concern regarding the corona virus. But still, what is more important? Go fly fishing and get some of that cabin fever away, or stay inside for a couple of weeks until everything settles down a bit?

I don't claim to have any answers here... Nor any solutions. And I'm far from any better than anyone else staying indoors all the time. Although I have no signs of being afflicted with this, I know how hard this is for all of us.

At least I can provide some pictures from the trip I had with a friend of mine before all of this kicked off.


"A nice fat fish to start off the season"

"Henrik in pursuit of silver"

"Beautiful fish! Let em go - let em grow"

"Henrik doing some serious fly whispering to his vaskebjørn fly"

"Another decent fish with a nice k-faktor to it"

"Wind knots... it happens"

So what is the answer to all of this? Like I said, I don't have all the answers but I do have some tips.

1. Take your own safety precautions as well as distance to other people.

2. Visit some new fishing places where there are less people (maybe you end up finding a new sweet spot).

3. GO SOLO on a fishing trip can also be quite nice and peaceful.

I hope I get to travel some more in 2020, and also get to visit all the people and places I have planned so far for this season. I have quite a lot of big plans for this season, and I can't wait for it. But for now, I'll chill inside and do some more work on my blog and instagram. Maybe I'll even tie up a few more hundred flies...

Stay safe and take care people!

And if you do go outside...tight lines!


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