• Björnar Berg


It's that time of the year again. The trip to Sweden, Strömstad and chasing those big silver TORPEDOES!

Well, we packed our cars and rented the familiar AirBnB and headed out on our way. After a quick snack and downing some beers, we rigged up the flyrods and entered the cold waters. We could see some activity on the water and some serious big fish chasing down sandeel and doing some head and tail action. It didn't take long before we ended up hooking up with some serious nice fish!

Grab a beer and sit back for some awesome pictures!


"Sweden at it's finest..."

"Some serious fish ended up in our nets"

"Spot on!"

"Get ready for a pose"

"Torbjørn with a beautiful seatrout"

"Just one more picture"

"Oh yes"

"Who doesn't love seatrout fishing?!"

"Anders checks his fly out after having it smashed by fish"

"The crew: Torbjørn, Anders, me and behind the camera is Andrè"

The trip to Sweden was a huge success this year, but I am not saying the fishing was easy though.

We saw a lot of big schools of fish cruising around eating baitfish and shrimp. But, the fish was always on the move - in and out - and you had to have the fly right in front of their nose at times. The patterns we used were some small baitfish flies and shrimp from sizes #8 - 12 on Ahrex hooks. Pink, tan and white seemed to do the trick the most.

Next year we might have to step up the game and bring along our bellyboats, or try out some other secret stuff!

A huge shout out to my friends Torbjørn, Anders and Andrè. Thank you Andrè for your lovely photos and capturing those special moments!

Check these guys out on Instragram "Switchproductions_"

Until then.

Tight lines!

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