• Björnar Berg


When a couple of friends of mine booked a cabin in Rena and asked me to join them. They did not need to ask twice! We loaded up our cars with all the gear and beer we needed for a weekend out, and headed up to the famous river RENA.

Before I start on how the fishing was, I need to tell you all about how bad the dryfly season has been here in Norway this year. With almost no rain, and a heavy drought period, it has been tough on both mayfly hatches and fish. I don't fish Salmon (at least not yet...) but, I know they had their fair share of bad luck aswell.

Rena is hard... it is always HARD...but this was quite the challenge for us!

Anyways...here are some of the hightlights from the trip this September!


"View over the famous Rena bridge"

"Not many hatches or rising fish to be seen...but it is always important to stop and observe"

"Rena is often about walking around on both sides looking for any opportunity for a fish"

"Bear poo'? I am not staying to find out!"

"Patience always pays off...Look at those beautifull spots!"

"Rough, but fair judges. The fish weighs in on around 1.2 kg"

"The waiting game..."


The conclusion for this years trip to Rena? Well, the weather was pretty bad at some times. With heavy downpour and winds at times, made the casting quite hard. Dryfly fishing was pretty much a lost cause. My brother Cato and friend Frederik caught a few nice fish with nymphs, but the biggest fish we caught was on a streamer size #6 and #8 rabbitzonker.

Streamer fishing in RENA is quite fun as I noticed, and there will always be some streamers with me in my flybox from now on while I am there.

I hope for a better season next year. The fish and river will always be there. I just hope for a better weather and more rain earlier on in the summer.

Till next time!

Tight lines!


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