• Björnar Berg


This year's trip to Sweden, Strømstad was truly amazing. A good friend of mine Anders and me rented an Airbnb, filled up our car with some good ol' fashion barbeque food and cold drinks, and we headed out. After a lot of searching for the bigger seatrouts, we eventually found them. And the game was on!

One of the bigger ones caught on the famous "pink bastard"

What a monster!

We managed to catch a few nice searunbrowns aswell

Nice calm water

Anders pulling out a nice seatrout from the net. #keepemwet gents!

Anders first catch of the day! The smile says it all

Silver beauty!

Golden spots on the horizon...

Cold gingers in the ocean!

Conclusion: The fishing in Sweden wasn't easy this year. With a very late spring, and the weather changing from cold to warm all the time. But, after a lot of tips from local fishermen, we managed to catch some nice big fish in the end. Next year we will try to travel a bit more south, and also visit some new places.

Untill then...

Tight lines!

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