• Björnar Berg

Spring on our doorstep

Winter is fading away here in Norway. And once the snow and ice has started to melt, the seatrout is starting to look for food once again. And with hungry seatrout, and empty stomachs, you can find an amazing fishing if you are lucky, and persistent.

My good friend Torbjørn looking into his box of flies. The seatrout can sometimes be quite selective this early season.

What a beautiful fish!

One of the bigger ones. This fish took the fly like a truck! But with the Epic 686 it was landed nice and gently. Catch you later big fellow!

Small or big. Doesn't matter. Remember to #keepemwet people!

This year I hope to make another movie about Seabass this season while visiting the UK.

And hopefully more big fish to come aswell!

Stay tuned and, TIGHT LINES peeps!

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