• Björnar Berg

EPIC 686 and Seabass!

Once again the seabass is returning to our shorelines here in Norway. And it's a great excuse for me to head out with my new rod from Epic. I've recently bought an Epic Fastglass 686 custom made by Unique Rods.se in Sweden. For the flyline I used a Streamstix MBK #5 and a Streamstix flyreel, which worked out quite nice.

Can't wait to open this baby up!

The mackerel were hitting my clousers quite hard

One of the biggest seabass in the net for today. A big fat one!

Off you go my friend!

My conclusion for the Epic 686:

It's a beast! It is just so incredibly smooth and nice to cast with. And with the big backbone it has, it's a dream to both cast with and catch fish. It just feels so safe and trustworthy. I need to try it with another reel and line for sure, and then I will make another review if needed. Anyways; this rod will be a close friend of mine on my new adventures. That's for sure!

Stay tuned, and tight lines peeps!


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