• Björnar Berg

Ragworms and fat seatrout!

The last ice and snow has finally melted away along the coast, and the spring sun has begun to warm up the shallows. Now is the time for the famous ragworm hatch along the coast. The seatrout is hungry after a long winter, and the ragworm is an easy and juicy meal for them. If you get lucky and find a nice shallow spot with the right conditions, you can have an amazing fishing, and you might also stumble upon some seriously big fish!

From a high up vantage point you can actually spot the seatrout feeding in the shallows

The water was a bit murky, so I tied on a classic pink fluo shrimp pattern

I need a bigger net!

Fat and beatifull! Check out that beak!

This fly has seen better days...

The seatrout season in Sweden is opening this weekend, so I will check that out if I have the time and

opportunity. Stay tuned!

Untill next time, tight lines peeps!

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