• Björnar Berg

Bellyboating in Nordmarka

This weekend me and my friends from #Baetis Bonanza went fishing in Nordmarka. This time of the year the famous Leptophlebia Vespertina mayfly hatch is in it's prime. The trip was very successful, with many great hatches and lovely weather conditions. The wind could sometimes be challenging, but we managed to catch some nice fish. We caught both browntrout, char and perch. Check out the following pictures for more details.

Nothing beats a good day on the water with good hatches and nice weather conditions.

Kiss and release.

Bellyboat rule no1: Remember sunblock...

Sometimes the trout could rise just a few feet from our campsite.

Quick powernap before heading out.

We also came upon a nice hatch of Ephemera Vulgata in another closeby water.

Worth the wait!

Preparations before heading out.

See you next year!

Special thanks to: Marius, Torbjørn, Kristian and Christian.


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