• Björnar Berg

The season is upon us

Headed out for a few hours of fishing today to see if the seatrout have started to wake up. The temperature and weather conditions are still not perfect, and I was also fishing on low tide.

After a few sips of coffee and scouting around, I came upon five fish in a pool feeding on small shrimps.

I selected one of my smaller shrimps (spey shrimp #10) and gave it a cast far right of where the fish were heading to. It didn't take long before one of the larger fish in the pool to spot the fly, and it raced against it!

Safe and secure in the Brodin landing net.

The fish weighed in at barely 1.7 kg. It was quite long and slim, and it also had a scar from being attacked by a seal or bird, otherwise it seemed to be strong and very hungry. It was safely put back into the water, and I hope to see it grow fatter one day.

I noticed that I need a bigger net for the upcoming trip to Bornholm!

Until next time, tight lines peeps!

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